We have been in Seoul for 3 days already (it’s flying by like crazy!) and here are some of my experiences so far:


1. Coming from a Hong Kong background,¬†we don’t really like spicy food very much, because Hong Kong food is very mild. Our friends have been trying our best to cater to our tastebuds, because it’s very hard to find good Korean food that’s not spicy, and they’ve been doing a really amazing job. Ralph took us out for Korean BBQ with beer and soju last night, and it was great! Today I even put a little bit of hot sauce in my Bibimbap (because it really is bland without it) and maybe one day I will learn to love spicy food the way my Korean friends do.


2. Sarah took us to a huge book and stationary store called Kyobo Book Centre, and there was an overwhelming amount of beautiful stationary at extremely affordable prices! I bought my weight in journals and notebooks (many of them floral print, of course), and I will probably have to take them all as a carry-on when we get on the plane, because they will most definitely put my suitcase over the weight limit. I left dreaming about one day owning a stationary store or maybe even designing notebooks and journals! That would be the most incredible job.



3. There are mirrors everywhere in Seoul. There are mirrors on the street, in the subway stations, and even in the backs of bathroom stalls so you can look at yourself while you pee.


4. We had a frozen yogurt fruit shaved ice at Red Mango & Cacao Green! It has all my favourite foods, except ice cream. Good thing it didn’t, because I would never leave Korea if it did.


5. Ice cream is very tall here. I like that.


6. “You draw community and people around you like a cornerstone to be built upon. That’s not only true in Vancouver, but something you take with you wherever you go in the world.”




7. Today, we went to Nami Island, which is the equivalent of going down a Korean rabbit hole. It’s where the famous Korean drama, Winter Sonata was filmed, so there are little snowman characters everywhere. Here are some things about Nami Island that we discovered today:

– There are two ways to get there: taking a ferry or zip-lining.

– If it’s ever been a dream of yours to ride in a swan boat (for example, if you are Sarah Suk), then this is the place to be.

– If you like ostriches, this is also the place for you.

– If you like to tandem bike or tandem golf cart, this is a really great place for it.

– It’s a very kid-friendly island to visit, except for one ginormous, awkwardly proportioned nude statue that will make you uncomfortable but is actually a good landmark for when you get lost.

– They need to hire somebody new to make their maps for them.

In conclusion: Nami Island is a very strange place and a place that seems like it doesn’t know what it wants to be, but it’s fun for a day trip!


8. We also went to Petite France, which is a little village based off the book, The Little Prince. I’ve never read it, but now that I’ve been here, I am planning on buying the book and reading it when I get back to Canada. The kaleidoscopic colors of all the houses made me feel like I was walk around in a picture book, and its cuteness level definitely maxed out when we passed by a bunch of bunnies. Strangely enough, there were no baguettes to be found.


9. I also went to Paris today! And Sarah came to visit me!


10. I finally tried banana milk, and I don’t ever want to drink regular milk again.


11. Both Sarah and I bought large, nerdy glasses during our time in Asia. We call it reverse metamorphosis.

The End!