New York Photo Set Part 1

“New York is the place where you can find everything that you didn’t realize you needed.”

The city is jam-packed top to bottom with anything you could ever imagine – all things good, all things ridiculous, all thing avant garde.

Walking down the streets of Manhatten full of beautiful clothes and beautiful people makes me dream about opportunity and the things to come, but also easily makes me feel insufficient. A place like this is overwhelming and full of light, but can work your heart in ways that shouldn’t be worked if you don’t pay attention to it. I wonder how many people feel insignificant here.

The other night, Brian took me to a show in a room shaped that felt like a shipping crate (small space, huge talent). And even though the band only made $3, I promise you that what they did that night was significant.


KOREAN FOOD: Pocha 32 (They serve watermelon soju in a huge watermelon halves.)DSC_0124 DSC_0117

Julian Cubillos at Pete’s Candy Store

DSC_0104 DSC_0094


DSC_0092 DSC_0083 DSC_0079 DSC_0071 DSC_0069 DSC_0041 DSC_0037

COFFEE SHOP: Kaffe 1668 (Make sure you pet the sheep.)

DSC_0029 DSC_0026 DSC_0016


DSC_0009 DSC_0006


NOODLES: Momofuku Noodle Bar