There is something about tradition that rings true in the human heart and guides the soul. I am thankful for a tradition of driving up to Squamish, dancing till our knees can’t move anymore, and taking a dip on Murrin Lake the morning after. I am thankful for a tradition that celebrates Becca Koole’s birthday in a way that reflects her passions – her passion for her loved ones, for the rolling mountains and endless ocean, and for art in all forms. Who says tradition can’t be adventurous?





Final Toronto Photo Set

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For my last night in Toronto, Dimitri took us up to Panorama Lounge, which is way too overpriced and a little pretentious. BUT it’s on the 51st floor of Manulife, so it was the perfect place for him to take me to make sure I fall in love with the city and come back. 

I came here to be with the people I love, and I am leaving feeling so, incredibly loved. Everyone I’ve met and been surrounded by are such passionate, genuine human beings, and they are moving my heart in the right direction. I’m beginning to understand more and more what it looks like when hope and hard work meet. Thanks T-Dot! My heart is set on being back soon.

Rebekah and Grace Cover Drake

Sooner Than Later Drake Cover by Grace + Rebekah from Rebekah Ho on Vimeo.

Since I’ve been spending the week in Toronto, we thought it would be fitting to cover a song by the guy who started from the bottom (but really, someone showed me Drake’s old neighborhood and he did not start at the bottom). This is not the greatest, but it was fun!

Toronto Photoset Part 1


BRUNCH: Aunties & Uncles


I had a day to explore Kensington Market on my own, and there were two employees at a vintage store called A Homerun who were very sweet to me and welcomed me to Toronto loudly, so if you’re ever around, you should definitely pop by their store!




NOODLES: Ryu Noodle Bar



AGO – Art Gallery Of Ontario

DSC_0076 DSC_0061 DSC_0033

AREAS TO EXPLORE: Queen West / Ossington Ave


COFFEE: Dark Horse Espresso


BAKERY: Sud Forno

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