Montreal Photo Set Part 2


BRUNCH: Le CartetDSC_0096FRENCH BOOKSTORE: Le Port de tete (cutest children’s book section!)DSC_0103 DSC_0157 DSC_0177

ART AND GRAFFITI SPACE: Under Pressure DSC_0193 DSC_0212

ITALIAN RESTAURANT: Wienstein & Gavino’sDSC_0002

BAR: SuWuDSC_0012

BAR: Bar B1 (we got frozen beers or ‘ice cream beers’ here!!)DSC_0016

TWO DOLLAR CHOW MEIN: Two Chow (he gave me a free spring roll, because I took his picture.)

Montreal Photo Set Pt. 1

I have arrived in the land of BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine), French everything, and best of all, brunch city! Here are a few shots form my first two days here, but it’s been so crazy since I got here that I’ve barely had time to transfer photos from my camera to my laptop. In the words of my favourite Montrealer, Francis (actually, I think he is the only person I know who’s actually from Montreal and not just here to study/work):
“This is Montreal. You pretend to be rich by going to fancy restaurants, bars, and shops. And then you end the night by eating poutine in the park.”

DSC_0007BAR: Big in Japan Bar (“the place you would take your mistress”)

DSC_0019COFFEE SHOP: Kitsune Espresso Bar


DSC_0033LUNCH: Lola Rosa (make sure you check the drawers for notes!)



DSC_0073DESSERT: Juliette et Chocolat

DSC_0083BAR: Bar le Saint-Sulpice