Japan Film Photo Set

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I had the joy of being able to meet up with our Japan tour group friends tonight for one last dinner altogether in Hong Kong before Tiff and I head back to Vancouver. It was different being able to see glimpses into their lives in Hong Kong, like there is something more that holds us together than merely the circumstance of being in a foreign country. We now know each other outside of our original circumstances.

I like how intentional having a meal together is. Breaking bread together holds a spirit of thanksgiving and something about food blesses the people who share it. My heart was so, so full tonight, and I cannot keep count of the times I have said, “Please come to visit Vancouver.” 


The Happiest Place on Earth









Reasons to be grateful:

– We went to Disneyland today!! It’s the happiest place on earth, so what is there not to be grateful of? I am thankful for childhood joys being brought to life.

– I was still nauseous today so I didn’t go on all the rides, but we hung out with our new friends, and I’m convinced that the company alone makes this trip worthwhile. They are so good to me and care for me so well – giving me medicine for my stomach even when I don’t complain or ask for anything and always making sure I’m okay. I am thankful for strangers who become un-strangers through kindness.

– Because I didn’t want to risk going on some of the rides, I got to spend some time with this little brat. I’m not one for kids, but this rascal won my heart ten times over somehow. He is loud and rambunctious and is always sprinting off somewhere, but knows too well when the right moment is to grab your hand. And he is such a funny fellow:

I wanted to be Minnie Mouse, but my mom said Minnie Mouse is a girl, so I guess I have to be Mickey.

I am thankful for a force that reminds me to never stop moving.

– I left my film camera on a bench for a minute, and when I turned back to get it, it was gone! But luckily enough, someone put it in the lost and found, so you can imagine my relief when it turned up! I am so, so happy that I didn’t lose it! I felt even more grateful when I told one of our friends, and he ran ahead even faster than me to help me look for my camera. I am thankful for friends who don’t just stand by you, but run with you.

– Tonight, we all piled into one hotel room and ate a late night meal together on a makeshift table. As we peeled crab shells and shared stories, I thought about how my favourite thing about this group of people is that we are all at different life stages, yet we are friends. There is a mother and her child, a honey-mooning a couple, an aunt and her high school niece, and then us, two university students. I am thankful that there is always common ground to be found.