After two weeks of extended summer vacation, I’ve finally had to trade in my afternoons at the beach for 8:30 am classes. Here are a few thing about school so far:


1. The name of my school is Kedge Business School. On our first day of orientation, we were told that a “kedge” is a small anchor, because they want to teach us core values that keep us anchored as we go out into the business world.

2. My classes are on a sequence system instead of semesters. We take 1-2 classes every cycle, and every cycle is one month. The first two weeks of the cycle are classes, then we get one week off, and then exams. Yes. I get one week off every month, which is pretty much every exchange student’s dream.

3. For reasons I still can’t comprehend, every morning, we gather in front of these big tv screens that tell us where our classes are going to be. It’s not because we don’t have enough classrooms, because we do, and it feels like nobody, including our professors, knows why we do this.


4. This is my favourite word that we have learned so far. I somehow fluked my French placement test and winded up in the most advanced class where we were watching the French news and talking about politics in French. I was a little in over my head so I switched classes, and now I’m in a class where we act out scenarios of people ordering coffee.


5. We rise with the sun, and I’ve switched my routine so I can take slow mornings on the balcony with coffee and cream, yet we still always find ourselves running for the bus. Today, I had to stop mid-sprint to snap a photo, because it looked like the sun was saying hello.

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