Have you ever had a moment that you knew would never happen again, so you tried to soak it all in, but it was too much?


The most genuine “Thank you” I have ever received was from a man I’ve never met before (but who I’ve felt like I’ve met a million times) with a face that looks like the moon in a room so small that 15 was a crowd. And all I wanted to do was thank him for the ways that he has torn open his wounds out of habit and chaos and then learned to choose light instead.

“What does your tattoo mean?”

(It says: “This is water.”)

“It’s from a David Foster Wallace speech where he talks about two fish who don’t know what water is, because it’s what their entire world is made up of and they can’t see it. It’s a reminder that we need to look at our world from another perspective to see it as it truly is.”

Tonight, I read your book of poetry front to back (again), because it was the only response that felt right. Tonight, I write this for you.

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