Kelly and I were supposed to go to France together, but due to the circumstances, I had to defer my exchange. But the light that has come out of a disappointing situation is that I’ve had a significantly less stressful time planning for the big trip because of Kelly’s help. I was lucky to enough to shoot a few portraits for this lovely lady yesterday, and in-between head shots and strangers stopping her on the street to ask for her number (seriously, look at this beauty! HOLY), she would ask me, “What are you most afraid of?”, listen to my answers, and then assure me that the things I fear will change me for the better. It is rare to find people who make it clear to you that having fears is valid, but do not give fear validation.

Today, I am thankful for the ones who go before me, for they show me that the path is not as dark as it seems.

3 thoughts on “Kelly

  1. I’m bummed you’re not going on exchange missy! But this is what I realized recently. Last year, I was supposed to go to Ireland on exchange but I cancelled it due to some poor, at the time, circumstances. In the last week I thought about all the things I did during the time I was supposed to be in Dublin, and I was amazed. I went to Israel and Palestine! God recognizes the empty holes in our gardens and he fills them in with good soil and beautiful flowers. I can’t wait for you to look back and say, “But look what I did instead!”

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