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We arrived in Seoul today, and of course, the first person I had to see was Ralph! When we were in high school, we would sit in the hallways (with our juice boxes and lunch kits) and dream about one day going to Asia together. He would share stories about Korea, and I would tell him about Hong Kong, and we would talk endlessly about what it would be like to visit one another in our motherlands. Today, that dream finally came true! We’ve been to California and Europe together, but still, today felt so special, because it was something that seemed so impossible when we were two little munchkins in Gr. 9. Even though I caught a midnight flight and couldn’t sleep in my hotel room (my eyes are drooping as I’m typing this), I was all smiles this afternoon sitting across from him in a coffee shop in the middle of Seoul. Here’s to holding onto hope and having the best friend beside you to dream with.

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