The People I Have Met






20140529-001648-1008721.jpgBeing part of this tour has been a huge gift, because of the lovely people we have met. Tonight, we lit sparklers by the water, and my heart swelled at how fire can light up people’s faces in more ways than one.

1. Our tour guide comes up to us and shows us a picture of his daughter dressed up as Princess Anna. “Isn’t she pretty?” he says, “All I want to do right now is go home and play with her.” He walks away listening to the soundtrack of Frozen playing from his phone, and I think of all the times I haven’t been home.

2. There is a couple on their honeymoon on our tour, and they are the sweetest two people I have ever met. A 6-year old child and his mother sit next to them on the bus, and they often buy the little boy toys and treats, even though they were strangers before this trip. People who are loved are often kind to others, because a love poured out usually spills over.

3. “Here, let me tie that for you,” she says as she wraps my sash around my waist, “It’s a ‘Hello Kitty’ bow – much cuter and better suited for you.” All you see when you look into her eyes are her children, and she does not stop being a mother when they are out of her sight.

4. A lady often rushes to our side whenever we don’t understand what’s happening. She is like a superhero with glasses and a British accent; always somehow there to save us without being asked. She moved to Hong Kong for her husband, but keeps London in her home.

Everything else outside is Hong Kong. My friends, my family, my work – all Chinese,” she says, pulling an Earl Grey tea bag out of her purse, “But everything inside my apartment is London as I know it.” 




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