I am sad that we only got to spend one day in Kyoto. Tiff and I watched Memoirs of a Geisha last week and were reveling in the thought of possibly spotting one (it’s very rare unless you want to shell out tons of money) but we didn’t get to go to the Geisha District at all. Nonetheless, I loved our short stay in Kyoto.

20140527-174942-64182840.jpg 20140527-174943-64183639.jpg 20140527-174941-64181995.jpg   20140527-174944-64184468.jpg 20140528-002659-1619066.jpg20140527-174946-64186232.jpg

1. I was talking to a friend about fashion in Japan and she put it really well when she said, “Their voice is through their fashion style.” I love the idea that style is a means of telling other people who you are without having to use words.

2. I take and Instagram more pictures than the average human being, but even I have times where I lift the camera to my face and then decide not to take a shot, because I want to save the moment for myself. Looking at life through a lens has been one of the greatest gifts for me, but everyone needs to treasure the things that can only be seen behind closed eyelids.

3. If you are caught in an earthquake in Japan, the safest place for you to hide is under the sink, because if you get stuck, you will:

a) have drinking water, and

b) be able to use the drainpipe to call for help.

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