Asia on the horizon




A year and a half ago, Abby, Esther, Lindsay and I bought a travel journal to mail to each other while Esther was in Korea and Lindsay was in Australia. I received it today, because it’s finally my turn to go away, plus a few send-off letters (we were meeting up for Esther’s birthday, and they somehow managed to make me feel so loved even though it wasn’t my special day). I feel like I’ve spent so much time at the airport the past few years, but I’ve never been the one hopping on a plane, so I’m extremely excited to finally have travels to write about in this journal!

With my Asia trip coming up in two days, this past week has been full of goodbyes; not because I’m going for very long, but because a lot of people are going away while I’m gone. When I come back, things are going to be very, very different. Summer always holds this tension of loved ones jetting off to different adventures, and faraway friends returning home. There are some friends that I have a very brief window of overlapping time with this summer. There are some that I won’t see till I come back from exchange in January. There are others that I won’t get to see till next summer.

I always have a fear of people changing when they leave, because seeing the world helps you learn things about yourself that wouldn’t have been visible to you before. Things happen when you try to stretch yourself to invest into two places at once (which is a hard but important lesson to learn). Change is often good and incredibly necessary, but man, growing pains hurt.

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