Before we went to Victoria, we stopped for a hike at Goldstream Provincial Park, where we chased waterfalls and braved a rail trestle. I’ve never liked heights, but it was never a fear truly tested. With legs shaking and sweaty hands, I made it a quarter of the way out!! My heart stopped every time I looked down to see a deathly plummet between the cracks under my toes so I had to go back before vertigo got the best of me, but I did it!

We stayed the night in Victoria, treated ourselves to a hearty meal, and wandered the streets the next day. The city is brunch heaven, with kind people, earthy coffee, and art supply stores on every corner. Everything is walking distance, and it’s a small place – small enough that if you have old friends living in the area, you will probably run into them. With old churches and parliament buildings at the heart, and thrift stores and cute boutiques close by, “it’s a place for the very young or the nearly dead.

This is the last trip for a while that we will be taking together, but I feel so incredibly grateful that we are such well-travelled friends. I’ve been to Europe and California with Abby and Lindsay, and Abby and Esther have gone to Costa Rica together. Travelling together has been life-giving for our friendships. We’re all in different walks of our lives, but somehow our friendships have had room for stretch and growth and we have found the bravery to ask questions that seem well past their due dates. We are never static, always moving, but deeply rooted.

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